Nucleus-"Direct Hits" 1974


1. Song For The Bearded Lady (7:21)
2. Crude Blues Part One
3. Crude Blues Part Two (3:33)
4. Suspension (6:15) *
5. Torso (6:09)
6. Bull Dance (8:30) *
7. A Taste Of Sarsaparilla (:40) *
8. Sarsaparilla (6:45) *
9. Roots (9:21)

* These are the only tracks that Gordon appears on.


Roy Babbington: Bass
Gordon Beck: Electric Piano
Bob Bertles: Saxophone
Ian Carr: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Jeff Clyne: Bass
Tony Coe: Wind
Aureo DeSouza: Percussion
Allan Holdsworth: Guitar
Karl Jenkins: Keyboards, Saxophones
Chris Karan: Percussion
Tony Levin: Drums
Dave Macrae: Electric Piano
John Marshall: Drums
Ron Matthewson: Bass
Jocelyn Pitchen: Guitar
Tony Roberts: Wind
Ken Shaw: Guitar
Brian Smith: Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, Alto & Bamboo Flute
Chris Spedding: Guitar
Bryan Spring: Drums
Roger Sutton: Bass
Clive Thacker: Drums
Trevor Tomkins: Percussion
Kenny Wheeler: Trumpet
Norma Winstone: Vocals

Released in 1974 on Vertigo Records.
Catalog Number: 9286 019