Gordon Beck Discography

The following list is an attempt to document any and all recordings in which Gordon Beck has appeared on. Gordon has performed and recorded with many musicians over the course of his musical career thus making the task of compiling an accurate discography a difficult one. Many of these recordings are very rare and have only ever been issued on the LP (vinyl) format. For more information on each recording please click on the appropriate link. If you know of any recordings that Gordon appears on that are not listed here please e-mail me by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the main page of the web site.

Gordon Beck + Two-"Dr. Dolittle Loves Jazz" 1967

Gordon Beck Quartet-"Experiments With Pops" 1968

Gordon Beck + Two-"Half A Jazz Sixpence" 1968

Gordon Beck Trio-"Gyroscope" 1969

Gordon Beck, Ron Mathewson, Daniel Humair-"All In The Morning" 1972

Gordon Beck, Ron Mathewson, Daniel Humair-"Jazz Trio" 1972

Gordon Beck's Gyroscope-"One, Two, Three....Go!" 1974

Gordon Beck-"One For The Road" 1976

Gordon Beck-"The French Connection" 1978

Gordon Beck Quartet-"Sunbird" 1979

Gordon Beck, R.Mathewson, T.Oxley, S.Sulzmann, K.Wheeler-"Seven Steps To Evans" 1980

Gordon Beck-"The French Connection 2" 1982

Gordon Beck-"Reasons" 1983

Gordon Beck Quintet-"Celebration" 1985

Gordon Beck-"Dreams" 1989

Gordon Beck-"For Evans Sake" 1992

Gordon Beck-"The French Connection 1 & 2" 1995

Gordon Beck-"Reasons/Celebration Suite" 1995

Gordon Beck-"One For The Road" 1995

Gordon Beck, Stan Sulzmann, Chris Laurence, Paul Clarvis-"Once Is Never Enough" 1997

Gordon Beck Quartet-"November Song" 1999

Gordon Beck-"The Hustler/Taking Care Of Business" 2003

Gordon Beck-"Reflections" 2003

The Gordon Beck Trio-"Not The Last Waltz" 2004

The Gordon Beck Quartet-"Seven Steps To Heaven" 2005

The Gordon Beck Trio-"Appleby Blues" 2007

Ian Carr-"Belladonna" 1972

Roy Castle-"Songs For A Rainy Day" 1966

Freddy Cole-"Sings" 1977

Come Together-"Guitar Tribute To The Beatles" 1993

Tony Crombie & His Friends-"Whole Lotta Tony" 1961

Tony Crombie Quintet-"Gut Bucket/Just Like Old Times" 1962

Tony Crombie-"A Tribute" 2000

Michael De Albuquerque-"We May Be Cattle But We've All Got Names" 1974

Anne Ducros-"Purple Songs" 2001

Georgie Fame-"Sound Venture" 1966

Georgie Fame-"The Two Faces Of Fame" 1967

Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames-"Third Face Of Fame" 1968

Michael Gibbs-"Tanglewood '63" 1970

George Gruntz-"2001 Keys - Piano Conclave" 1974

Herbie Hancock-"Blow Up" 1966

Mick Hanson-"Do You Have A Name?" 1996

Tubby Hayes-"Live In London" 2004

Tubby Hayes Quartet-"Commonwealth Blues" 2005

Tubby Hayes Quintet-"Late Spot at Scott's" 1962

Tubby Hayes Quintet-"Down In The Village" 1962

Tubby Hayes Quintet-"Sally/I Believe In You" 1963

Tubby Hayes Orchestra-"100% Proof" 1966

Rossetta Hightower-"Hightower" 1971

Allan Holdsworth, Gordon Beck-"The Things You See" 1980

Allan Holdsworth, Gordon Beck-"With A Heart In My Song" 1988

Allan Holdsworth-"Wardenclyffe Tower +3" 1993

Allan Holdsworth, Gordon Beck-"The Things You See/Sunbird" 1994

Allan Holdsworth-"None Too Soon" 1996

Lena Horne-"Lena - A New Album" 1976

Daniel Humair-"Morning!" 1975

Humair, Jeanneau, Texier-"Akagera" 1980

Daniel Humair-"Surrounded 1964-1987" 1991

Peter King Quartet-"Lush Life" 1999

Peter King Quartet-"Janus" 2006

Tony Kinsey Quintet-"How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" 1963

Cleo Laine-"I Am A Song" 1973

Jeannie Lambe & The Gordon Beck Orchestra-"Miss Disc/Montuno Blues" 1967

Didier Lockwood-"New World" 1979

Didier Lockwood-"Out Of The Blue" 1985

Didier Lockwood-"Martinique" 1985

Didier Lockwood Quartet-"Live At The Olympia Hall" 1986

Helen Merrill, Gordon Beck-"No Tears, No Goodbyes" 1984

Helen Merrill, Gordon Beck, Stephane Grappelli, Steve Lacy-"Music Makers" 1986

Helen Merrill-"Irving Berlin Album" 1988

Nucleus-"Labyrinth" 1973

Nucleus-"Direct Hits" 1974

Nucleus-"Under The Sun" 1974

Piano Conclave-"Palais Anthology" 1975

Polished Brass Of London-"Top Brass" 1969

Rajesh-"Infinite Fusion (Explorations In Musical Synthesis)" 1982

Annie Ross-"Loguerhythms" 1963

Annie Ross-"Go To The Wall" 1963

Ronnie Scott & The Band-"Live At Ronnie Scott's" 1968

Don Sebesky-"Three Works For Jazz Soloists & Symphony Orchestra" 1979

The Seven Ages Of Man-"The Seven Ages Of Man" 1972

Dick Heckstall Smith-"A Story Ended" 1972

Terry Smith-"Fall Out" 1968

Harry South Big Band-"Presenting The Harry South Big Band" 1966

John Stevens-"Conversation Piece Part 1 & 2" 1980

John Stevens-"Freebop" 1982

Clark Terry-"Clark After Dark" 1978

Henri Texier-"A Cordes Et A Cris" 1979

Henri Texier-"Compilatex" 1983

Mel Torme-"The London Sessions" 1977

Mel Torme-"Mel's London Mood" 1980

Lee Towers-"I Believe In Music" 1983

Albert Van Dam-"The Sentimental Touch... Of Albert Van Dam" 1984

Various Artists-"4th International Jazz Festival-Prague '67" 1968

Various Artists-"Retrospect Through 21 Years of BBC Jazz Club" 1968

Various Artists-"Jazz Club: Violin" 1990

Various Artists-"Blue Night Special" 1993

Various Artists-"Songbirds" 1993

Various Artists-"92 L'annee Du Blues" 1994

Various Artists-"Gentle Jazz" 1995

Various Artists-"Between or Beyond the Black Forest: MPS Classics, Vol. 2" 2000

Various Artists-"The Best Of British Jazz" 2000

Various Artists-"That'swhatfriendsarefor" 2004

Ray Warleigh-"First Album" 1969

Will Power-"Will Power" 1974

Phil Woods & His European Rhythm Machine-"Chromatic Banana" 1970

Phil Woods & His European Rhythm Machine-"Phil Woods & His European Rhythm Machine" 1970

Phil Woods & His European Rhythm Machine-"At The Frankfurt Jazz Festival" 1971

Phil Woods & His European Rhythm Machine-"NDR Jazz Workshop" 1971

Phil Woods-"Live At Montreux 1972" 1972

Phil Woods-"Floresta Canto" 1976

Phil Woods-"I Remember" 1978

Phil Woods-"A Jazz Life" 1992

Phil Woods, Gordon Beck-"The Complete Concert" 1996

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