Freddy Cole-"Sing" 1977


1. Theme From Mahogany
2. Sing
3. For Once In My Life
4. Tristeza
5. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
6. On A Clear Day
7. Michelle
8. People
9. Homefried Potatoes
10. You've Let Yourself Go
11. If I Had Your Love
12. Cabaret


Kenny Baker
Gordon Beck: Piano
Tony Carr
Tony Coe
Don Lusher
Judd Proctor
Jerry Van Rooyan: Orchestra Conductor
Kenny Wheeler: Trumpet

Released in 1977 on Decca Records.
Catalog Number: SKL-R5279

Also released in 1977 on Demand Records.
Catalog Number: 4006

Also released in 1977 on Black Horse Records.
Catalog Number: 1059