Gordon Beck-"The Hustler / Taking Care Of Business" 2003


1. The Hustler (2:34) *
2. Taking Care Of Business (2:54) *

* This song was written by Gordon.


Kenny Baldock: Bass
Gordon Beck: Piano
Jackie Dougan: Drums

From the Jazzman Records web site:

Had you lived in the UK in the ‘60s and you were into jazz, you could have bought an album by one of the great American jazzmen of the day, say John Coltrane or Sonny Rollins. After all, they were world renowned musicians and their music was second to none. Why would you bother listening to, let alone think of buying, an album released by an ‘inferior’ British jazz artist? This is what the UK’s finest jazz talents - Tubby Hayes, Don Rendell, Gordon Beck and many others - were up against; despite their ability they were always seen as second best to their American counterparts. As a result their record sales were always disappointingly low, and their public appreciation was never fully realised. However, recent times have seen a more open-minded appreciation of UK jazz, and this is reflected by the growing interest amongst collectors around the world in original UK jazz LPs. The records are now very hard to find due to poor sales when they were first released, and high prices reflect this. This lack of public support and poor record sales meant times were hard for professional jazz musicians. It was the pretty bad in the US too – John Coltrane himself even took to playing in strip clubs to pay his rent. Things weren’t so bad in the UK, with many jazzmen able to get work composing and recording for music libraries or the BBC. In this instance, renowned jazz pianist Gordon Beck, who played with Tubby Hayes’ for his legendary ‘Down in the Village’ LP, made some recordings in 1968 for a TV production company called Advision. The music was cut either side of a 7” acetate and then forgotten about for over 30 years… until now! Lovers of jazzy scat are in for a treat - this previously unreleased gem of a pop-jazz-scat double-sider is sure to command attention from both the clued-up connoisseur and jazz dancer alike. Only 2 original copies of the acetate are known to exist – now is your chance to own a rare piece of UK jazz history!!

Released as a 45 r.p.m. in 2003 on Jazzman Records.
Catalog Number: JM.026