Terry Smith-"Fall Out" 1968


1. Morning Minor
2. The Look Of Love
4. My Man's Gone Now
5. I Love You
6. Windows Of The World
8. Harry's Theme

These are the only tracks that Gordon appears on.


Peter Aherne: Latin-American Percussion
Gordon Beck: Piano
Greg Bowen: Trumpet
Les Condon: Trumpet
Bob Efford: Tenor Saxophone
Tony Fisher: Trumpet
Jim Lawless: Marimba, Vibes
Denis Lopez: Latin-American Percussion
Don Lusher: Trombone
Ron Mathewson: Bass
Ronnie Ross: Baritone Saxophone
Ronnie Stephenson: Drums
Ray Warleigh: Alto Saxophone, Flute
Derek Watkins: Trumpet
Kenny Wheeler: Trumpet
Roy Willox: Alto Saxophone, Flute

Released in 1968 on Philips Records.
Catalog Number: SBL 7871