The Seven Ages Of Man-

"The Seven Ages Of Man" 1972


1. The Age of Conception
2. The Age of Birth & Early Childhood
3. The Age of Youth
4. The Age of Adolescence Part 1
5. The Age of Adolescence Part 2
6. The Age of Middle Age
7. The Age of the Elderly
8. The Age of Death & Beyond


Pat Arnold: Backing Vocals
Gordon Beck: Keyboards
Madelaine Bell: Backing Vocals
Perry Ford: Lead Vocals
Kay Garner: Lead Vocals
Steve Greay: Keyboards
Ian Green: Keyboards
Colin Green: Guitar
Rosetta High Tower: Backing Vocals
Harold McNair: Saxophones & Flutes
Brian Odges: Bass
Tony Roberts: Saxophones & Flutes
John Spooner: Percussion
Doris Troy: Backing Vocals


Released in 1972 on Rediffusion Records. Catalog Number: ZS 115