Roy Castle-"Songs For A Rainy Day" 1966


1. April Showers
2. Soon It's Gonna Rain
3. Pennies From Heaven
4. Rain, Rain (Don't Go Away)
5. Where Do You Go?
6. Stormy Weather
7. Isn't This A Lovely Day
8. February Bring The Rain
9. Everytime It Rains
10. Here's That Rainy Day
11. The Gentle Rain
12. Singin' In The Rain


Jackie Armstrong: Trombone
Kenny Baker: Trumpet
Gordon Beck: Piano, Electronic Harpsichord
Eddie Blair: Trumpet
Greg Bowen: Trumpet
Leon Calvert: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Roy Castle: Vocals
Jeff Clyne: Bass
Eric Eden: Strings
Johnny Edwards: Trombone
Eric Ford: Bass Guitar
Emmanuel Fox: Strings
Ike Isaacs: Guitar
Kelly Isaacs: Strings
Homi Kanga: Strings
Reginald Kilbey: Strings
Denis Lopez: Percussion
Don Lusher: Trombone
Les Maddox: Strings
Johnny Marshall: Trombone
Bert Meredith: Percussion
Raymond Moseley: Strings
Al Newman: Reeds, Flute
Joe Oliver: Drums
Fed Parrington: Strings
Ray Swinfield: Reeds, Flute
Derek Warne: Percussion

Originally released in 1966 on Columbia Records.
Catalog Number: SCX 6108 (Stereo) & SX 6108 (Mono)

Also released in 1966 on Music For Pleasure Records.
Catalog Number: MFP 1356