Gordon Beck, Ron Mathewson, Tony Oxley,
Stan Sulzmann, Kenny Wheeler

"Seven Steps To Evans" 1980


1. Waltz For Debby (5:33)
2. Orbit (8:41)
3. Five (7:00)
4. Twelve Tone Tune 2 (6:03)
5. Turn Out The Stars (6:25)
6. Peace Piece (5:18)
7. Peri's Scope (4:05)


Gordon Beck: Piano
Ron Mathewson: Bass
Tony Oxley: Drums
Stan Sulzmann: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Kenny Wheeler: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet

Released in 1980 on MPS Records.
Catalog Number: 0068.248

Also released in 1980 on MPS Records in Brazil.
Catalog Number: MDLP-12715

This album has never been issued on compact disc.