Will Power-"Will Power" 1974



1. Sonnet
2. Shall I Compare Thee
3. Charade For The Bard
4. Alas Sweet Lady
5. Will's Birthday Suite
i. Heyday
ii. Dirge; Fear No More The Heat O' The Sun
iii. Fool Talk
iv. Heyday-Reprise


Gordon Beck: Electric & Acoustic Keyboards
Paul Buckmaster: Amplified Cello
Ian Carr: Trumpet
Tony Coe: Reeds
Pepi Lemer: Voice
Tony Levin: Drums
Ron Mathewson: Double-Bass, Bass Guitar
John Taylor: Electric & Acoustic Keyboards
Trevor Tomkins: Percussion
Stan Tracey: Electric & Acoustic Keyboards
Colin Walker: Amplified Cello
Kenny Wheeler: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Norma Winstone: Voice


Released in 1975 on Argo Records.
Catalog Number: ZDA 164/5